Joe Frechette  About Joe Frechette.

Hello My name is Joe Frechette and I’m the founder of joefrechette.com. Since you visited the about page I’m guessing your interested in learning more about me.  Here are the answers to some of the most common questions I have been asked.

Q: How long have you been interested in art?

A: I have been interested in art ever since I can remember.

Q: When did you sell your first piece of art?

A: I made my first sale was when I was a very young child. Instead of giving my drawings away I went door to door selling them.

Q: What gave you the idea of creating a website?

A: I wanted to sell art but I wanted something that gave me more control then other major sites could give me. I also wanted to create a place that other artists could sell their work with less hassle.

Q: how many years of sales experience to you have?

A: I have over 25 years of sales experience. I have sold just about everything from makeup to video games. If it can be sold legally then I can sell it.

Q: What is you favorite style of art?

A: I really enjoy digital abstract, and drawing people in my own unique style as you can see from my self portraits on this page.

Q:  Where are you from?

A: I was born and raised in Connecticut but I have also lived in Texas.

Q: Are you related to (insert first name here) Frechette?

 A: While I can’t give a blanket yes or no answer to this I can  say that it is a somewhat common name so there is a good chance that the answer is no.


Thank you once again for visiting my store, I’m here to help.